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The mother does not want to be seen or touched.

They stop trying to tell you about her. Instead, they expend a good deal of mental energy figuring out how to deal with your huge mother of a blind spot. They do this in small groups, behind closed doors. Hubris creates and feeds the mother blind spot. Subscribe via RSS.

3 Questions That Can Help You Avoid Leadership Blind Spots

Sometimes I wonder if my cancer was in part a result from the angst and frustration created from my blind spots. I may never know the answer to that mystery, but I am relieved to be more consciously aware of my blind spots, including the triggers and dynamics that set them off.

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Life has become much more clear ever since. As I was interested in meeting Claudia, Marge was kind enough to facilitate the introduction and make it easier for both of us by inviting us to lunch. I really am a fan of three-way networking lunches as a way of meeting important people! After having lunch with Claudia and reading her book, I decided that I wanted to invest my time and money in becoming certified as a Blind Spots Executive Coach. Part of my training including taking the online assessment to figure out my own blind spots.

Discover your financial blind spots

Yes, even executive coaches have blind spots. This all makes perfect sense to me.

Your Blind Spots

I am a great starter, but have trouble finishing big projects. I need a strong accountability partner and people with systems thinking to counterbalance my innovative spirit, so that things actually get done. I become reactive when others are overly critical of me. I take it very personally.

How Do You Handle Revenue Blind Spots? by @TheGrok

I am a big prop onent of expressing appreciation, acknowledging people and complimenting others. Perhaps I even go overboard here.

What's the COST of a BLIND SPOT?

She contends that Clear Sight Strategy will give you clear focus and execution toward what you want to accomplish. These strategies allow for clear intention and direct conversation with your colleagues. They move you towards more effective collaboration and alignment with team and organizational goals and values. Ultimately Clear Sight Strategies help you realize your full potential in your work and in your life.

The Feedback Process

Everyone will have a different set of Clear Sight Strategies to address their own needs and issues. This guy knew his way around money and definitely knows how to invest. But he was looking for help with his money. Why do you need help? He understood that when it came to his own money, he had a blind spot.

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And he recognized the value in having someone else help him see the mistakes he might make. Again, the solution is simple, but not easy.

What are Symptoms of a BLIND SPOT?

And because they care about people like us for a living, they want us to succeed. It becomes about us, not our behavior, triggering an instinctive and negative reaction. But if we take a different approach and make the feedback only about our behavior, we can shine a flashlight on our blind spots.

This feedback is crucial if we want to change our behavior. It starts by addressing the biggest blind spot of all: admitting we have any.