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They have not preserved their language as much, as mainly only the elders speak it, but another, larger group of Teribe in Panama do use the language and the two groups are in contact. There is a conflict that is over indigenous teachers and students are not receiving the same opportunities as the non indigenous peoples.

There were two cases in Boruca and Teribe in which qualified indigenous teachers were not given jobs in the local schools. There is also the fact that the schools which the indigenous attend are not funded properly, and the students aren't given the same resources to learn. As for the universities, the indigenous are fighting to gain qualifications so that they can earn higher paying jobs. The farmers and ranchers are not in charge of their own land that they work because they are considered to be on a reserve, or their land is in danger due to mining and oil work being done.

It will affect seven of the indigenous territories, including Bribi, Cabecar, Teribe and Brunka. This will be the largest hydro-electric dam in Central America and will cut through nearly historical sites and sacred grounds. Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica often do not receive adequate healthcare services due to lack of access: they are situated in difficult terrain, particularly in the mountains.

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Therefore, the Indigenous peoples tend to rely on traditional medicinal practices. Groups like CONAI National Commission for Indigenous Affairs , working to improve socioeconomic situations of the Indigenous peoples, have tried to integrate the two unsuccessfully as it resulted in bias and little acknowledgment of the Indigenous traditional ways. Some areas have built clinics, but doctors are available only two days of the week.

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So much so I truly doubt the author visited many of the places along the Pacific coast. He turns his nose up at many towns and places that are the essence of Costa Rica's unique Pacific coast.

Most people who can relate to this author's approach would do best to go to a "resort" on Maui. If you want to see Costa Rica my recommendation is to buy the Lonely Planet guide. Go to Amazon.

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However, after three years of temporary residency, expats can apply for permanent residency. This type of residency does not have any labor restrictions whatsoever. These are the official residency categories. But there is another way of indefinitely prolonging your stay in Costa Rica that requires zero bureaucracy, but which also leaves you with no actual permits or rights. Costa Rican tourist visas are valid for 90 days at a time. These 90 days begin anew as soon as you leave the country for at least 3 days. Many foreigners on tourist visas make use of this by making short trips to adjacent Nicaragua or Panama, only to return and stay in Costa Rica for another three months.

Working in Costa Rica has become an option for numerous assignees, since multinationals discovered the benefits of setti Want to Relocate? Relocating Abroad? Choose our services.

12 Essential Facts About Moving to Costa Rica

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