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And in time dreams reorient us to a life centered in the heart. Dream work is not easy, and not for everyone.

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The level of honesty that dreams provide forces us to face the most profound and difficult feelings. This path requires and develops courage and I deeply admire my clients who have stayed with it over the years. There are times after a session where I just feel a sense of awe at what we have discovered together.

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That is the joy that sustains me in doing this work. So I am always happy to consult with you. If you feel you might be ready for this journey in dreams, please write me directly at dreams kamenetz. I'll explain in detail what the work is about and answer your questions. And together we'll see if you are ready to begin. You may read the entire statement here. It's no exaggeration to say that Rodger's book changed my life, and that his dreamwork is saving it.

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Rodger, the dreams, and I work together to open the door to my inner life. The dreams are part of that inner life but they also hold the key to it as well.

They are so smart, so honest. They know more about me than I do --if that makes any sense. That is where Rodger's expertise comes in. Often, I think I have got the dreams figured out. Then I talk to Rodger and see that I have missed so much.

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Dreamwork Specialist, Counsellor and Family History. Order direct from Margaret or from Calico Publishing Company. Dream Work Do you want to understand your dreams?

How can dreamwork help you in counselling, or expand your awareness of spirituality? Counselling I am a senior member of the NZ Association of Counsellors, with 30 years' experience in a range of counselling methods. Family History Are you interested in early NZ settlers, their forebears, and how they fared during and after the Land Wars?