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Orion has fought across time and space at the whims of his Creators, godlike beings from the future who toy with human history like spoiled children playing with dolls. Orion has been both assassin and hero, all the while striving to be reunited with Anya, the ageless goddess who is his one true love.

Now Orion finds himself in Britain in the years after the Romans abandoned the island kingdom. Minor kings and warlords feud among themselves even as invading hordes threaten to sweep over the land. There Orion befriends a young warrior named Arthur, who dreams of uniting his quarreling countrymen and driving the invaders from their lands. Along with a few brave comrades, Arthur hopes to the stem the tide of barbarism and create a new era of peace and prosperity.

Ben Bova Orion and King Arthur Rudnicki Audiobook

To be fair, Stefan Rudnicki was, of course, flawless in his narration and none of the blame lies with him. If you're a huge Bova fan, you'll probably want to go for it. If you're a fence-sitter like me, I would advise against this one. Would you listen to Orion and King Arthur again? The description of this book was great but of course that doesn't make for a good book.

I've already listened more than once. Ben Bova has written some great sci fi, but now he is just trading on his past. This is so bad that it's insulting. Do yourself a favor and get something by Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb. Would you ever listen to anything by Ben Bova again? The feeling behind Orion's actions. Did Orion and King Arthur inspire you to do anything? Any additional comments? I think this is the weakest of all of the Bova Orion series. How many times do we need to hear that the knife on his thigh was a gift etc etc.

When he is moved to the Creators realm, we hear the same thing every time.

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I think we have figured out that the abandoned, cold world, is the Creator's home base, that they left. Then there is Orion reaction to each time a Creator energy bubble comes towards him, like it was the first time? Come on it is always the same thing, we don't need to hear how blinded he is etc. It seems like Bova may have written this book at different intervals, and forgot that he had described these events 20 times before in other chapters. Come on, respect your audience, and figure they can remember that Orion goes into hyper drive each time he goes into battle. It doesn't need to be described over and over as if we never had heard of it before.

Other than that, I liked the story. It was just a bit over done with repeats. Was he trying to just put in filler to get the book longer? I did like the premise very much.

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    Orion and King Arthur

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    Book Review: Orion and King Arthur by Ben Bova

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    Orion and King Arthur

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    Orion Pirotehnika - - KING ARTHUR

    He was trapped in an iron cordon of secrecy, for the discovery had shattered the world power balance, setting off a brutal struggle for supremacy that raged from the sacred halls of the Vatican to the corridors of the Kremlin and the Pentagon. The forces of fear and treachery would use any weapon at their command, from mind war to sabotage, to keep the world in darkness.

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    For the first time in more than 15 years, Ben Bova returns to the adventures of Orion - hunter, warrior, assassin, and time-traveler. In this audio exclusive, Aten sends Orion to the Britain of the Dark Ages, after the Roman legions have left and the island is being invaded by Saxons and other barbarian tribes. A young nobleman, Arthur, is struggling to bring the petty Celtic warlords together to resist the invaders. Aten commands Orion to assassinate Arthur and allow civilization in Britain to die.

    Instead, Orion - aided by his love, the Creator Anya - joins with Arthur to fight the encroaching darkness as they strive to keep Britain free. I like this book, it was a worthy addition to the series. For anyone who read and loved the series get it. For new people please try it out. He covers a lot of old information so even someone brand new to the series can catch up to the situation. To new people I advise also going back to the first Orion book and listening to each book as they came out originally for greater enjoyment and understanding. Orion gains great power to resist his creator and protect King Arthur and his noble dream.