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To go even further, we invite experts in certain diseases and biological processes to help enrich the knowledge that we have extracted. Bioinformatics big data processing with advanced methods. Learn more. Machine Learning. The lead Company must have a presence and be registered to do business in Massachusetts.

The requested funding must support the performance of translational research addressing a complex challenge in delivery. The requested funds can only be used to support capital costs equipment, supplies, reagents, etc. The more MLSC dollars leveraged by additional third party support, the stronger the application.

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The Applicant will be required to provide documentation of a cash component from the Company to support at least one new scientist for the duration of the project following grant award. Applicants must demonstrate how they will work collaboratively with the Company to execute the project.


These funds are intended to catalyze new life science discoveries. Therefore, sponsored research agreements or other similar arrangements executed before December 16, between the parties will not be considered as part of the letter of support for this program. The Applicant and Company must be in compliance with all other Center agreements, if any. Apply Now The program is now accepting applications for its inaugural year.

The below list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather representative of the types of 3pertinent healthcare issues that can particularly benefit from discovery and innovation: Funding Allowable costs for MLSC funds: equipment, research supplies and reagents no minimum dollar amount , purchase of hardware and software, generation of data via core facilities, processing of raw data by core facilities, purchase of analytical equipment.

Non-fundable expenses include: direct labor, legal expenses, travel, paying off debt, paying board members, paying for operating costs such as rent and utilities, renting space for storage of memory or hard drives, monthly cloud storage fees, other monthly subscription fees, and activities funded by other funding sources. Directory of virus and virus-like diseases of the grapevine and their agents.

Program Eligibility

J Plant Pathol 96 :1— Historical perspective, development and applications of next-generation sequencing in plant virology. Viruses 6 — Deep sequencing analysis of RNAs from a grapevine showing Syrah decline symptoms reveals a multiple virus infection that includes a novel virus.

Raw Data A Novel on Life in Science

Virology — Integrated analyses using RNA-Seq data reveal viral genomes, single nucleotide variations, the phylogenetic relationship, and recombination for Apple stem grooving virus. BMC Genomics 17 The pepper virome: natural co-infection of diverse viruses and their quasispecies.

Novel Data Transformations for RNA-seq Differential Expression Analysis

BMC Genomics 18 In silico approach to reveal viral populations in grapevine cultivar Tannat using transcriptome data. Sci Rep 5 Exploration of alternative splicing events in ten different grapevine cultivars. BMC Genomics 16 De novo transcript sequence reconstruction from RNA-Seq: reference generation and analysis with Trinity. Nat Protoc 8 — Support Center Support Center.