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Choose adrenaline-pumping exploits like scuba diving, skydiving, ziplining through the rainforest, mountain biking through the countryside, kayaking along the coast, and jungle trekking. Slather up that sunscreen for an awesome South Pacific adventure under the sun south of the equator.

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Which country is the undisputed adventure capital of the world? New Zealand, of course! Spot penguins in the wild in Dunedin or hobbits in Hobbiton aka Matamata. Thrill seekers, jump on down to Queenstown for zorbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, luging, bungee jumping, and jet boating! Did you know that Indonesia is made up of almost 8, islands, making it the perfect destination for your South Pacific tour? Go trekking along the Kalimantan river, hike volcanoes, jump off cliffs, chill on beaches, go parasailing or cave diving, or find the peace within at yoga retreats on Bali and other islands.

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Foodies, go off the usual menu and chomp on fried bats or guzzle cobra blood. Germany gets special attention because its travellers epitomised the era's cosmopolitanism and its philosophers engaged most fully in a multicultural understanding of humanity. Famous adventurers like Captain Cook make appearances, but it's the observations of such naturalists as Philibert Commerson, George Forster and Adelbert von Chamisso that helped most to generate a new understanding of these far-flung societies.

These European travellers saw non-Europeans neither as 'savages' nor as projections of colonial fantasies.

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Instead, the explorers accumulated a rich storehouse of perceptions through negotiations with patrons at home, collaborators abroad, salon philosophers and missionary rivals. Liebersohn illuminates the transformative nature of human connections. He examines the expectations these servants of empire brought to the peoples they encountered, and acknowledges the effects of Oceanian behaviours, including unexpected notions of sexuality, on the Europeans.

Equally important, he details the reception of these travellers upon their return home. An unforgettable voyage filled with delightful characters, dramatic encounters and rich cultural details, "The Travelers' World" heralds a moment of intellectual preparation for the modern global era. We now travel effortlessly to distant places, but the questions about perception, truth, and knowledge that these intercontinental mediators faced still resonate.

Read more Read less. Review Liebersohn displays an impressive command of his specialist areas, European intellectual history and German history, but also that rare combination of great breadth of vision with clarity of expression and explanation. No customer reviews.